Independent learning


The Language Centre can be virtually accessed. Below, you can find some study resources gathered from around several internet sites so that you can learn outside of the university building. The areas covered include vocabulary, grammar, reading, and assessment, to name a few. 

The study resources were realised by students in their traineeship who were asked to propose resources starting from their own experiences as students of the Department of Modern Languages. The Language Centre supports peer-to-peer learning while providing revision by language experts


New content is regularly added by staff, therefore we invite you to consult our site periodically.



The Language Centre offers a wide range of language resources that can be used for independent learning.  These resources include course books, textbooks, audio CDs and DVDs and can be consulted locally in an area called "SMART" room (Sala Multimediale Autoapprendimento Risorse e Tutoring) equipped with 15 computers. Some resources are already installed on each computer and include language courses for English, French, German, Italian as a foreign language, Portuguese, and Spanish.


The Language Centre, with a view to promoting plurilingualism and support European language policy, offers resources of less widely spoken languages are available as well. 



Albanian   Czech   Danish   Finnish   Modern Greek
Hindi   Irish   Dutch   Serbian   Hungarian



Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak the SMART room is currently closed.


As soon as the emergency conditions end and activities will resume normally, we will provide the opening hours and a booking form to manage access to the SMART room. We remind you that to allow the use of resources by everyone, a stay of more than two hours a day is not allowed.